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Dr. Rand and staff have gone above and beyond anything I expected. Dr. Rand is always available to talk to, to help with anything you need. He has not only helped with hormone therapy but also helped with an underlying blood pressure issue.

Not only does he deal with me as a patient but has also taken time to speak with my wife on a conference call to answer any questions and concerns that she had with regards to my treatment. If you are looking to make a life change for the better, Dr. Rand and his crew are the best.
Thanks Doc

Jeff Andrejcak

All I can say is wow. I was a skeptic at first. But numbers don’t lie. Dropped almost 10% body fat gaining 10lbs of solid muscle. My cholesterol dropped significantly and overall health has drastically improved with in 6 months. I am completely shocked that more people are not doing this program. Your health is your greatest asset. Dr Rand and Dave are fantastic and I can wholeheartedly support and recommend them to everyone who will listen.

Jason Allora

I highly recommend Dr. Rand and staff to anyone who values their health and wants to get to the root cause of why their health is declining, and more importantly, how to treat it. I spent nearly 2 years searching for a doctor to treat a rare thyroid disorder and complicated hormonal imbalance. As time went on, and as my health steadily declined, I began to lose all hope that I would ever be “normal” again.

Well, Dr. Rand not only reinstilled my faith, he treated me with compassion, understanding, and respect. And, I would be remiss to say that not one of the countless doctors I saw could ever measure up to Dr. Rand’s expert knowledge of complicated health issues. After comprehensive testing, Dr. Rand immediately gave me a diagnosis and began treating my conditions. And because of that, I owe him a great deal of credit and gratitude for not only helping me regain my health, but in continually maintaining it.

S. Smith

I am very pleased with the results and professional approach to living a better life. I am almost 70 and can keep up with everyone. I am stronger leaner and healthier. When I do go to a doctor they cannot believe the fact I take no medication at all and I am in great shape.
Thanks Dr. Rand and team you are the best!

John E Johnson Jr

I started coming to Dr. Rand 5 years ago with low testosterone. It has literally changed my life. He also takes the time to answer any questions I have each time. They practice evidence based medicine and actually listen to their patients. I cannot recommend this practice enough!

Eric Courtney

Excellent results. Dropped 25+ pounds and went from 30% body fat to 16% in 18 months. Feeling like I’m in my early 30’s (instead of 50’s). It’s not magic but if you follow the doctor’s direction and put in the work you can see huge benefits. I could not have gotten here without addressing the underlying medical issues.
Thank you Dr. Rand!

Francisco Lopez

Healthy Aging helps clients in the most appropriate way that suites each particular patient. Their thorough blood work goes beyond the traditional basic ones of your normal doctor’s visits. This information is helpful and along with their knowledge and experience, Dr Rand and staff especially, Dave the office manager, has helped put together a useful regimen for me to improve my health on all levels. I definitely recommend this office. Thanks!

M Vall

Its been only 3 months and I feel amazing im 43 years old and feel like in 25. I’ve been to other hormone therapy places and did not get half the success that I have had with this place. My wife goes too. And reasonable prices compared to the other offices.

John Coonan

Dr. Rand and his team were incredibly knowledgable and detailed their findings with care and with a sense of comfort and encouragement. Because they treated me as a person, understanding lifestyle and other attributes as well as symptoms they were able to isolate the issue(s) and solve the problem.
This had a positive impact on me and was an additional motivator. The ongoing monitoring and recording of daily activities so they can coach you through out the process of getting healthier and reversing the trends is necessary and the team makes it known they are available when you need them. 60 days in and have reduced BP medication, lowered cholesterol, and decreased the risks of diabetes and heart disease.
Thank you Dr. Rand and Dave for all you will continue to do for me.

Dan Cavalli

Dr. Rand is the most caring and professional doctor I’ve had the pleasure working with. Two weeks and I felt the change and must say, I’ve never felt so good. Dropped 12 lbs in two weeks and stabilized my BP.
Wish I had more friends to recommend him to.
Thanks, Doc!!!

Kyle Hahn

Guys if you are over 40 years old you need to visit Dr Rand. I have been coming to Healthy Aging Medical Centers for several years and these treatments have have turned back the hands of time for me more than 3 decades. I literally feel like I am 20 years old again.
When all men age our bodies naturally slow down our normal testosterone production along with other hormones that are necessary to optimize health, performance, endurance, drive, mood, and stamina. Dr Rand has perfected hormone replacement therapy for men. Replacing those hormones I have lost, to feel the same as I did when I was young. Each program is customized for the individual patient based on where he is at in his life cycle. This is truly the fountain of youth in West Orange New Jersey!

Raymond Ciampaglia

Dr. Rand and David Wolf were amazing. Its no bs and science based. Everything is determined by what your blood work tells them. I threw out about 12 bottles of supplements and replaced with 6 supplements recommended by David bc my blood work indicated i needed.
I have been on their program for 6 weeks and I’m 45 years old. Everyday I feel shot out of a cannon! I feel stronger, more energy, aches and pains are gone and increased libido! I highly recommend you stop what your doing and go see them. You will not regret it and it will be the best decision of your life.

Derek Graf

Dr. Rand has helped me for the last two years get in the best shape of my life. I lost 25 pds and packed on muscle. I feel 20 years younger and I’ll never go back to the overweight, tired all the time, mentally exhausted person I was before! Thank you Dr. for everything!!

Chris B

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